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Dental crowns are a versatile solution for a number of structural and cosmetic dental concerns. Selma Sunshine Dental in Selma, California, provides patients with high-quality dental crowns in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Led by Mandeep Sandhu, DDS, the Selma Sunshine Dental team is a leading provider of compassionate, personalized dental care. To find out if crowns can help improve your smile, book an appointment by phone or online today.

Crowns Q & A

Why might I need a dental crown?

A dental crown, or cap, is a protective covering placed over the surface of your tooth. Crowns are used to improve the shape, strength, and appearance of damaged teeth. 

Your dentist might recommend a crown if you have:

  • A weakened tooth
  • A discolored tooth
  • Severe tooth decay
  • A chipped or cracked tooth

Crowns are also used along with dental bridges and implants to replace missing teeth. Most root canals are followed by the placement of a crown to protect the treated tooth.  

What are dental crowns made from?

The Selma Sunshine Dental team provides crowns in a number of materials, including:


Porcelain crowns are a popular choice because they closely resemble your natural teeth. They are ideal for areas like the front teeth, where the crown is seen. Porcelain crowns are metal-free and durable. 


Gold crowns are best suited for areas that aren’t highly visible. They are extremely durable and last longer than most options, making them ideal for the back of the mouth. Gold crowns also resist staining and bacterial growth. 


Metal crowns are another durable option best suited for the back of the mouth. Metal crowns resist chipping and cracking and can withstand the wear and tear of everyday chewing and biting. 

Your dentist helps you determine the best material for your tooth. Crown material is chosen based on the location of the affected tooth and your desired outcome. 

What should I expect during my crown procedure?

Dental crowns require two appointments for placement. The first appointment is to discuss your condition and the desired outcome. 

Your dentist then performs an examination of your tooth structure to determine if it can support a crown. For damaged teeth that can’t support a dental crown, a bridge or implant are the best option. 

If your tooth is strong enough, it’s then filed and reshaped to support the crown. The final step is to take impressions of the treatment area to develop your custom permanent crown. A temporary crown may be placed in the meantime. 

The second appointment takes place once your crown is made. Your dentist positions your crown to ensure a perfect fit and cements it into place. 

To find out if dental crowns can help restore your smile, book an appointment at Selma Sunshine Dental by phone or online today.