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Dental Implants

Effective Dental Implants in Selma

dental implants in SelmaMissing teeth can seriously affect your ability to smile confidently, speak clearly, and enjoy your favorite foods. But whether you've lost a single tooth or an entire arch, there is hope. Selma Sunshine Dental offers state-of-the-art dental implants in Selma to permanently replace missing teeth. 

If you're facing the frustrations of missing teeth, dental implants may be a viable solution to restore the fullness and function of your bite. Dr. Mandeep Sandhu and our team are excited to meet you and learn how we can improve your oral health. Call us today to schedule your next appointment and see how we can restore the fullness of your smile!


How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots surgically placed in your jaw to provide a stable foundation for restorations that look and function like your natural teeth. The implant posts are made from safe and durable titanium that becomes a permanent part of your jaw. After the procedure, the titanium fuses with the jawbone to form a solid base for various dental prosthetics. Dental implants help to reinforce the jawbone and prevent deterioration, which is a common result of tooth loss.

5 Benefits of Dental Implants

Selma dental implantsBecause dental implants replace your entire tooth, they are highly durable and offer numerous benefits over alternative tooth replacements options. Dental implants are an excellent solution to missing teeth that can not only improve your dental health but also enhance your quality of life. The benefits of dental implants include:

  1. Restoring your natural facial features and appearance
  2. Preventing bone weakening and recession
  3. Providing long-lasting results
  4. Improving chewing for better digestion
  5. Boosting your self-confidence

Our team works with you through every step of the process to ensure you're well informed and know what to expect at all times.

Skilled Pretreatment Bone Grafts

It's essential to have a healthy jawbone that supports dental implant placement. If your jawbone lacks the adequate mass to support implant posts, bone grafting may be necessary before undergoing dental implant treatment. The act of chewing exerts significant pressure on your jaw, and if it can't support the dental implant, the prosthetic could fail. However, a bone graft increases your jawbone's density and creates a firm base for your new dental implant.

Typically, various bone graft materials are ideal for rebuilding your jawbone. Your available options include natural bone grafts taken from other areas in your body or synthetic materials that provide support structures to enhance bone growth.

Gentle Pretreatment Extractions

Dr. Sandhu will preserve your natural teeth whenever possible, but in some situations, extracting unhealthy or damaged teeth is the best option for your oral health.

The team at Selma Sunshine Dental can provide gentle extractions in Selma whenever necessary and recommend the best options to replace your teeth. Our professionals recommend dental implants for missing teeth since they can replace the entire tooth from the root to the crown.

CBCT For Precise Dental Implant Placement

Computer-guided surgery leverages a cone beam CT scan to plan and execute a precise dental implant procedure. Our equipment helps generate 3D images of your jawbone and adjacent tissues, enabling accurate planning. In addition to ensuring the precise design and placement of your dental implants, precise planning also helps to improve the healing process.

Our Extensive Restorative Options

Selma implant restorationsAt Selma Sunshine Dental, we offer numerous implant-supported restorations, including crowns, bridges, and dentures. An implant-supported crown attaches to the dental implant to replace a single missing tooth and is held in place via an abutment. The crown is made in a lab and tailored to fit your smile. Apart from restoring your natural smile, crowns help enhance your oral health.

Dental bridges are perfect for replacing multiple missing teeth in a row. If you have up to three missing teeth in succession, dental implants provide an anchor where the dentist attaches the bridge of prosthetic teeth. The dental implant secures the bridge so that you can chew and speak comfortably.

If you've lost multiple teeth or an entire arch, you can benefit from partial or complete dentures. Typically, partial dentures are applicable when you still have some natural teeth remaining. The dentures are crafted to fit around your natural teeth to fill the gaps. On the other hand, complete dentures are applicable when an entire jaw is missing natural teeth. Also, it's a great option when the whole arch must be removed due to teeth damage or severe decay.

Selma Dental Implants to Rejuvenate Your Smile

Dental implants are excellent solutions when you want to restore your natural smile after losing one or more teeth. The experienced team at Selma Sunshine Dental considers various factors before starting the dental implant process and is committed to providing solutions that improve your oral health. If you want to restore the fullness and function of your bite, our dental implants in Selma can be an excellent solution.

Regardless of why you are missing teeth, Selma Sunshine Dental can help you restore your smile. Get in touch with our dental team for more information about how we can help.



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