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Root Canal Therapy

Reliable Root Canal Therapy in Selma

When a tooth becomes damaged by decay or trauma, the inner tooth can become vulnerable to bacterial infection. An infection can cause unbearable pain, and may eventually need an extraction if not promptly treated. If you're experiencing severe tooth pain or sensitivity, root canal therapy can eliminate infection, provide relief, and save your tooth.

At Selma Sunshine Dental, our dentist, Dr. Mandeep Sandhu, performs gentle and effective root canal therapy using advanced diagnostic and treatment technology. We can address all types of dental infection, including retreatments. If you're facing severe pain, we provide same-day emergency appointments whenever possible. You can expect prompt and compassionate care in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.


What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal therapy is an endodontic treatment that involves removing infected dental pulp from the tooth center. Each tooth contains a pulp that contains blood vessels, arteries, connective tissue, and nerves that can be damaged by decay or injury. This is why an infection or inflammation can be extremely painful.

The infection cannot clear up on its own. Over time, it can lead to a dental abscess, death of the tooth, or systemic issues in other parts of the body. Removal of the infected pulp tissue stops the pain, prevents further development of the infection, and preserves the tooth structure in place.

Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy is not a painful dental procedure. Thanks to modern technology, the procedure is extremely safe and relatively comfortable. In fact, a root canal treatment is the fastest and most effective way of relieving extreme pain and saving a natural tooth.

Why Would I Need Root Canal Treatment?

For most patients, the presence of an infection that has reached the dental pulp is quite obvious because it is often accompanied by a severe toothache. However, there are other symptoms that can indicate the presence of an infection. These include:

  • Sharp, intense pain
  • Swelling of the gums
  • Tenderness around the tooth
  • Intense sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures
  • Discoloration of a tooth
  • An abscess on the gums
  • Loose teeth

What to Expect During Root Canal Therapy

root canal therapy in Selma, CAWe begin the appointment with a thorough assessment of your teeth, jaws, and gums. We also take x-rays to identify the location and extent of the infection and determine the shape of your root canal. If the tooth can be saved, Dr. Sandhu will recommend root canal therapy to eliminate infection and preserve your bite.

During treatment, we first anesthetize the tooth to keep you as comfortable as possible. We place a dental dam around the tooth to prevent saliva from accessing the treatment area. Next, a small opening is made to access the pulp chamber and remove all the infected material. The treatment experience is similar to having a filling placed for a cavity.

Once the root canals and pulp chamber are cleared of infection, they're cleaned and irrigated with an antibacterial solution. Next, we fill and seal the root canals with a biocompatible material called gutta-percha. We can also place a temporary filling to protect the tooth.

Usually, a tooth that has been treated with root canal has lost a significant portion of its structure because of decay and infection. We will place a dental crown on the tooth to restore structure, strength, and appearance. Dr. Sandhu is very careful to ensure a tight fit to prevent reinfection.

Root Canal Retreatments

Although rare, root canal retreatment may be necessary if the tooth fails to heal or pain continues despite therapy. The tooth may respond to root canal therapy but become diseased later due to a newly formed cavity, broken seal, or cracked filling. When such situations occur, we can maintain the tooth with a second root canal treatment. Dr. Sandhu will remove the crown and filling before cleaning out the tooth again. Afterward, he will refill the tooth and replace the crown to preserve the natural tooth and restore function.

Prompt Care for Tooth Infections and Discomfort

At Selma Sunshine Dental, we know that an infected tooth can be extremely painful, which is why we strive to set up same-day appointments whenever possible. Even after our office is closed, you can get in touch with our dentist by calling our office phone.

We will perform diagnostic exams and tests to determine if an infection is present. If the tooth is infected, we will discuss if root canal therapy is a viable option. If the infection is severe, we may prescribe antibiotics for you to take for several days to reduce the infection. We will work to get you into our office as soon as possible so you can get the relief you need quickly.

Experienced Root Canal Treatment in Selma

Root canal therapy can help you keep your natural teeth and prevent the need for complex restorative treatments. At Selma Sunshine Dental, our team performs safe, efficient, and effective dental procedures you can count on. Our goal is to help you protect your smile and live pain-free. If you're suffering from tooth pain or are experiencing infection symptoms, call our office to schedule an appointment and get the care you need.



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